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5 Easy Ways To Wow Your Spouse

Stop Feeling like Every day is the SAME!

It's Time to Get to The Next Level with your Spouse. No headaches. No stress.  Just a simple “Action Plan” that will allow you to:
  • Love and Understand him without being critical.
  • Simplify your Relationship & Have Fun Again.
  • Develop Techniques for a Deeper and more Meaningful Connection.


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Meet Amity

My father helped me learn valuable ways of what to do and not to do regarding dating and into marriage. He was able to show me how men think and I wrote a book about what he taught me and then a year later, a marriage book. I am a certified SYMBIS facilitator, where couples can do an online assessment to better understand their roles and what is working or not. This course is designed to quickly get to the next level of communication along with the simple secrets of body language.


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What others are saying...

"I have learned so much through Amity's book, online course and one-on-one coaching! She has a unique way of being kind, humorous, and impactful all at once. If you are looking to improve your communication skills and open up deeper conversations with your husband or partner, then Amity is your best go-to choice!"

Cassie Kitzmiller
Founder of Christian Women Business Builders


Walking through life can be really tough at times. In my life I have found it to be a little easier when I have someone to talk to, especially when I know they are listening. Amity is that person, no doubt. She is a fantastic coach to consider hiring to help you through life’s toughest situations. Her new course is a phenomenal help to many with Quick Results! Don't Wait!

Lynn Bryson

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"Amity has helped me with a marriage assessment to see how much we have in common with my husband and how we can use that to be our strength. We were able to see details of our relationship such as money issues and now we are able to work together better. She helped our already strong and loving marriage get even better. Recommend it to anyone no matter what shape your relationship is in, Amity can help you improve it."

Agi Kadar

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This course will help you find new ways of speaking his true love language, unlock secret tips on how to use body language to help your communication flourish, and learn how to help him feel completely loved and understood.

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